Colombia (Don Gallego)

N4 Bioreactor Anaerobic Washed Castillo Rosario (CAD $8/lb)

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Cup Profile: Chocolate, blackberry, vanilla, citrus, clean, sweet

Cup Score: 85.00

Process: Bioreactor Anaerobic Washed (58 hours)

Variety: Castillo Rosario

Lot: N4

Producer: Don Gallego (Carlos M Gallego)

Farm: Buena Vista

Region: Risaralda, Colombia

Elevation: 1810 - 1940 masl

Origin: Colombia

Harvest: October 2021

Size: 77lb (35kg) sack in GrainPro


About the Bioreactor Anaerobic Washed process

The coffee cherry is aerobically fermented in a hopper for 24 hours. Then the coffee is pulped and anaerobically fermented in a bioreactor for 58 hours.


About Don Gallego

This coffee was produced by Carlos M Gallego from Don Gallego (also known as Agroindustrias Gallego SAS), a coffee producer established in Belén de Umbría, Risaralda.

They focus primarily on the production of castillo rosario, supremo, wush wush and geisha varietals.