Yemen (Sabcomeed)

AL SANAA Anaerobic Natural Udaini AA (CAD $37/lb)

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Origin: Yemen

Region: Al Qafr

Governorate: Ibb

Farm: Al Sanaa Village

Elevation: 1800 masl

Producer: Sabcomeed

Variety: Typica-Udaini

Grade: AA

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Cup Profile: tropical fruit, dried fruit, papaya, mango, guava, blackcurrant, lemongrass, honey

Cup Score: 89.00

Harvest: March 2021

Size: 33lb (15kg) vacuum sealed pack

Farmgate Price: USD $25.00/kg


Last year, we came across our first anaerobic natural coffee from Yemen. It was produced by Sabcomeed and blew us away at the cupping table. We had never come across anything like it.

So we're really excited for Sabcomeed's 2021 harvest, as they continue to push the boundaries of everything we know about Yemeni coffee.


About Sabcomeed

Sabcomeed is a collective of specialty coffee producers focused on traceable, high-quality micro lots and other single origin specialty Yemeni coffees. 

“Yemen has become the largest humanitarian crisis in the world,” states the UN. There are 24 million people in need of aid. Yemen has exported coffee globally for almost 500 years and their economy is tied to global coffee consumption.

In this video message below, Abdulrahman Saeed from Sabcomeed shares a simple way for us to buy coffee and help the people of Yemen.


About Al Sanaa Collective

This lot is the collection of 50 farmers from the Al Sanaa village. The temperature ranges between 9 to 25 Celsius with sun exposure lasting 8 hours per day.

This anaerobic process was achieved through bag fermentation. After the coffee cherries were picked, they were washed and placed in Ecotact bags for 72 hours maintaining a PH level of 3.6. The cherries were then place on raised beds (15kgs on each bed at a time) and left to dry between 14 to 20 days.