Panama (La Buena Tierra)

ALVARO GONZALEZ Lot #2 Washed Typica (30 lb @ CAD $8.06/lb)

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Alvaro Gonzalez Lot #1 was the inaugural lot of coffee to be exported from the province of Coclé in Panama in January 2020. It was a true nanolot, with only 45kg produced.

Building upon its success, Lot #2 arrived in Canada in December 2020. A total of 528 LB (240kg) were produced.

The coffee was produced by La Buena Tierra, a coffee processing facility in the highlands of Barreta, Coclé founded by Damian Reed and managed by Alvaro Gonzalez. See Project Panama video below. 

This specific lot was grown on Alvaro's own farm which is a 2 hour walk from the processing facility. Driving this route is not possible due to poor infrastructure and lack of paved roads in Barreta, Coclé.

During the rainy harvest season, Alvaro transports thousands of pounds of wet coffee cherries from his farm to the processing station on his back. It's not a pleasant experience and since he is usually exhausted by the time he reaches the station, he ends up staying there overnight. Then he goes back to his farm and repeats the process until all his cherries have been transported. Alvaro is one of the hardest workers we have ever met.

Transparency Report

Origin: Panama

Region: Barreta, Coclé

Elevation: 1000-1100 Meters

Producer: Alvaro Gonzalez

Farm: La Buena Tierra

Variety: Typica

Process: Washed

Harvest: January 2020

Quantity Available: 240kg

Farmgate Price: USD $1.45/lb (CAD $4.18/kg)

FOB Price: USD $3.50/lb (CAD $10/kg)