BRAZIL ÁGUAS PAULISTAS (Natural Catuai) - CAD $4.35/lb

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Capricornio Coffees Brazil - We The Origin

Tasting notes: Caramel, cherry, citric, hazelnut, medium acidity, balanced body 

Availability: 12 x 15kg (GrainPro Premium)

Variety: Catuai

Process: Natural

Origin: Brazil

Region: Águas Paulistas

Elevation: 750-925 masl

Producer: Capricornio

Farms: Fazenda Sete Senhoras, Fazenda Quintas da Serra

Farmers: Luiz Eduardo de Bovi, Loris Ramos Heleno

Harvest: July-August 2020



This single origin coffee was produced by Capricornio in the Águas Paulistas region of Sāo Paolo by 2 coffee farmers: Luiz Eduardo de Bovi and Loris Ramos Heleno.

Capricornio produces coffee at the southern borderline for specialty coffee production in the world. A unique region that produces high quality Arabica coffees in a subtropical climate with four well established seasons.

The maturation period of the cherries occurs with big temperature ranges and low temperatures at night. The complexity in the cup is the result of a happy combination of factors that enables the coffee plants to express their true potential.