YEMEN HAYMA AA (Natural Anaerobic Udaini) - CAD $48/lb

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The coffee was produced by Sabcomeed in the Al Hayma region in Bait Alal, Yemen. It was processed anaerobically (100 hours cherry anaerobic fermentation, 18 hours parchment anaerobic fermentation).

It was the first anaerobic Yemeni coffee that we have come across and it blew us away at the cupping table. 

The farmers in Al Hayma consider coffee as a symbol of pride. They believe that the coffee tree originated on their land. Some farmers have ownership documents dating back hundreds of years.

“Yemen has become the largest humanitarian crisis in the world,” states the UN. There are 24 million people in need of aid. Yemen has exported coffee globally for almost 500 years and their economy is tied to global coffee consumption.

In this video message below, Abdulrahman Saeed from Sabcomeed shares a simple way for us to buy coffee and help the people of Yemen.

Transparency Report

Origin: Yemen

Region: Al-Hayma Al-Kharijiya

Producer: Sabcomeed

Village: Bait Alal

Grade: AA

Elevation: 2300 Meters

Variety: Udaini

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Harvest: March 2020

Farmgate Price: USD $11.35/lb (CAD $33/kg)

FOB Price: USD $29.54/lb (CAD $86.50/kg)