Ethiopia (Mr Tekleye Bogale)

TEKLEYE BOGALE Single Farmer Natural (CAD $7.98/lb)

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Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Nensebo Woreda, West Arsi

Elevation: 1900 masl

Producer: Mr. Tekleye Bogale

Variety: Ethiopian Landrace - 74110, 74112, 74158, 74165, 741

Grade: Grade 1

Process: Natural

Cup Profile: Sweet and smooth with winey fruit acidity, fresh strawberry, floral, chocolate and citrus fruit flavours.

Cup Score: 87.00

Harvest: December 2020

Size: 15kg (33lb) sack in GrainPro


About Mr. Tekleye Bogale

Mr, Tekleye Bogale is a second-generation coffee farmer based in Nensebo Woreda, West Arsi, Ethiopia. Mr, Bogale's father moved to the region in 1966 and shortly after started coffee farming along with his family. He got everyone in the family involved in coffee production and passed down his coffee farm to his son Mr. Tekleye Bogale, pictured below.

Between 1971 - 1975 the farm was devastated due to the Fungi outbreak, Mr, Bogale stood strong to this challenge and started planting disease-resistant varietals in 1988. 

Mr. Bogale gained global popularity when he got his Farmer - Export license in 2020. Shortly after he won 15th place in the Cup of Excellence Award in Ethiopia and was also placed 4th in the Outstanding Coffee Farmers Competition in Woreda. His vision is to increase the cup quality of his coffee by investing in his business.